Happy Little Trees

I can’t think of anything more rewarding than being able to express yourself to others through painting. Exercising the imagination, experimenting with talents, being creative; these things, to me, are truly the windows to your soul. – Bob Ross, The Joy of Painting with Bob Ross, Vol. 29

..And here we are again. May and I have been busy speaking with other artists, to see what they would like to happen in an art club. We’ve received a few good ideas, and are working to incorporate them. Some ideas that’we’re putting into action is regular get together(s) (last week it was water colours and wine), a shop on the website – or at least a forum, and of course – artist bios linking to their website.

So while May, I are were hammering out the details, we put on some Bob Ross to get inspired. That man has the coolest and most calming voice that I’ve heard (sorry, Morgan Freeman comes a close second).

The short of it, is that we’ve made some progress on the website, and we are also getting ready for an art showing in the KW area. Nothing spectacular, but half the battle is showing your artwork for people to see.

While I go fuss over my work and framing choices, have a look around. Get in touch, and even maybe bring yourself to come to the next art gathering.


Mike van Roon

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