Maike Makers is Online!

First rule of joining Maike Makers is: Ignore Mike’s, well…typos.

Phew! It’s been a bit of a journey to get here, but we are finally live on our own domain! For the last year, we’ve been gathering resources and talking to people to start the Maike Makers Artisan Collaborative.  Ok, the name needs a little work, but one thing is sure: There’s a whole lot of artists that want to meet you!

This whole concept started when May, Barb and I wanted to sell some of our work to pay for those ever-expensive art supplies. We dedicated the last year or so, by refining and working on our skills just about every night, so that we could help pother artisans and artists that need a little help.

We also encouraged a few people to have the tedious chore of having art club nights with a wee bit of wine to discuss where we want Maike Makers to grow, and what we can do as individuals to help folks that have been in a similar situation as us.

Personally, when I started this, i was filled with self doubt (like most, i have a past that hindered me from pushing my potential). From sourcing places to display my work, to trying new media, understanding how collaborate with other artists, what coffee shops help you do the best thinking, and finding that perfect colour of what’s-that’called again?

The short of it is, we want to pay it forward and help other artisans. We want to meet other artists and artisans!

So reach out to us, we’re not that scray.  Just a few down-to-earth folks who want to get together and hear what you do!


Mike van Roon

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