What does Maike Makers bring to the table?

A love of creativity and projects. We're a husband and wife team that has experience in illustration, design, multimedia, jewelry making, steampunk cosplay, and so much more.

Current Member Skills

We have a bunch of great folks that we collaborate with.  Currently we have people that are willing to help you with:  water colour // chalk pastel // Photoshop // website design // pen & ink illustration // illustrator // print design // graphic design // natural florals // silk floral arrangement // mixed media sculptor

Noooo! Halp! Please!

You're stumped. How can one project go so smoothly, and then your creativity gets all.. well.. gone. Not to worry, our community of Artisans will help you get inspired!

Get your name out!

Websites, content, graphics, marketing, and, Hey Mike, can I borrow your gear?  Sure thing!  We can help you go from yuck to wow! - however you want to get out there.

Maybe something new.

Ideas are the backbone of Maike Makers, and we need you!  Someone is always learning a new skill, and you may want to pick up a few yourself.  How about a coffee and drawing?

Interested? Why not reach out?

Not sure where to start? intimidated by large crowds? Want to get some honest (and constructive) feedback about your work? Then check out the website, or click that button to your right to get in touch with us!